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Flooring for Multi-Family Homes

Large multi-family new construction projects are our specialty. Simply put, we are the experts in this area of construction. We have been doing this for over 15 years, and you will not find another company with more experience.

We understand the construction process. We have products wherever they need to go on time, we help maintain your schedule, and, if your job is behind, we help you catch up.

Wasatch Front Floor Coverings is a team player. Our bids are straightforward and accurate, and you will not see changed orders unless they are owner directed or requested by the general contractor. We also attend all of your job site coordination meetings.

We have the financial capital to take on large jobs as well as the warehouse capacity to store material for those jobs, so the material does not have to put on site too early.

We Don’t Cut Carpet on the Job Site

Carpet is cut in our warehouse to avoid getting dirt on the carpet and to avoid scratching or scuffing freshly painted walls.


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